Another terrific success! Our 10th year, largest turnout ever (32 teams). Thanks to the efforts of the SDOG Committee: Jerry Priebe, Chris Bauer, Matt Smith, Lanny Auringer, Bruce McCollister. Great Job again!
Raffle Winners:
Fire Pit - Tom Hackl
Patio Set - Andrea Vugteveen
Timberwolves Tx - Ron Howe
Husker Tx - ?
Prairie Club - Tom Junck
1st Flight : 1st(-16) SF Federal Credit Union
                   2nd(-13) First National Bank
                   3rd (-13) State Farm (Priebe)
2nd Flight : 1st (-8) State Farm (Darnil)
                    2nd(-8) Chamberlain
                   3rd (-7) Team Funge
3rd Flight: 1st (-3) Dacotah Bank
                   2nd(-3) Howe Plumbing & Heating
                  3rd(-3) Old Coots #4 (Fischer, Marthaler, Arends, Brown)
Low Old Coots: (-12) Murray, Quincy, Scoular, Sletten